Growers Market, Pyrmont

5 Jun

Held on the first Saturday of every month, Pyrmont Bay Park turns into a growers market sponsored by Sydney Morning Herald where local produce is showcased across 70 stalls. I am a frequent visitor (when I am not suffering a hangover from the night before) and what drew me here this month was the talks of a stall selling pulled pork bun (for breakfast????). What is pulled pork you say? Pulled pork is a form of barbeque cooking whereby the meat is slow cooked at a low temperature to a point where the meat is weakened and “pulled” into individual pieces.  This could not have been perfect timing as I am trying to do my liver a favour and quit alcohol for a month, chances of me making the market are high!

Soaking up the sunshine

Off I go on a Saturday morning with Mr Dough in tow, it’s a glorious day with clear blue skies, a different setting to the past week where Sydney has been hit with torrential rain. 8:30 am and the markets are bustling. Seems like everyone had the same idea and take advantage of the sunny winter morning and rows were all filled for the Market Chef stage. Today we had food traveller Leanne Kitchen who was there to talk about her new book, Turkey – Recipes.

We walked around and noticed there has been some new additions to the usual stalls such as fresh mussels and clams, banana bread and Pedlar foods. I see a few tables in the crowds with people devouring this bun so I told Mr Dough shopping is secondary and we need to find the pork bun stall first. I couldn’t follow any smells in there air as it was all bacon and sausages but no pork!

New addition

Kinkawooka Mussels

Alas, I find it along the water, nestled between a bread and Pukara Estate Oil stall. The stall was hosted by The Table Sessions, a company by Darren Robertson (ex Tetsuya). Finding inspiration after reading Marco Pierre White’s White Heat, Darren pursued a career in culinary where he worked in various kitchens in the UK (including Michelin restaurant Gravetye Manor). Darren Robertson spent 8 years in Tetsuya’s kitchen with the last 3 of them being head chef. He is part of the famed Taste of Young Sydney (TOYS) crew and his company The Table Sessions hosts guerilla dining sessions around Sydney.

The Table Session

Found it!

One bite and I was in love! I wasn’t sure if it was too much for breakfast but it sure beat a bacon and egg roll. The bun was soft and soaked up all the beetroot slaw juices, the pork had a slight barbeque tinge to some pieces and was oh so tender and finally the beetroot slaw provided the crunch to contrast the tenderness of the pork. You could actually see the single strands of pork. I only bought 1 for Mr Dough and I to share and I did I struggle to share!

The Bun!

Tender pulled pork pieces

After polishing off our breakfast, we walked around the rest of the markets to stock up on fresh local produce for the weekend, it’s a great way to start the morning and I encourage you to come down once a month and support the local producers!

Fresh vegies from Vegie King

Growers Market

First Saturday of every month

7am – 11am

Operates rain, hail or shine but closed in January

Pyrmont Bay Park on Pirrama Rd


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