Central Baking Depot, Neutral Bay

18 Jun

Neutral Bay has had a facelift along Grosvenor St, turning it into a drinking and dining mecca on the lower north shore with likes of Firefly and The White Hart. Central Baking Depot is the latest addition to the family and is nestled at the back of the Lucca apartments building near Young Lane.

I had seen the shop a few weeks back when we were driving through Young Lane and I let out a little shriek to Mr Dough, trying to describe to him the pork and fennel sausage rolls and how good they were in the land of sausage rolls, but he doesn’t have the same fascination with sausage rolls like I do.

Central Baking Depot is the little brother of famed Bourke Street Bakery and Mr Dough asked why I haven’t taken him there. I explained to him the queues are usually out the door and around the corner and I didn’t think he would want to wait. Menu items of pies, sausage rolls, quiches, pizzas and sandwiches were written on a big chalk board on the wall, it also listed what type of bread was available on which days. Their staple sourdough is available everyday of the week and specials such as four seeded sourdough is available only on Saturdays.

It was lunch time and Mr Dough and I had just come from a gym session and we were starving.

The special soup of the day was Broccoli and Chilli soup with freshly baked sourdough. The soup was really flavoursome with the broccoli looking like it was cooked down rather than blended as it retained its individual florets. I couldn’t taste the chili in the soup but it was a great winter soup, especially with the slab of sourdough. We were supposed to share the soup and I couldn’t help myself but finish more than half the bowl!

Soup of the Day: Broccoli and Chilli with sourdough $9.50

They were still baking the pork and fennel sausage roll so I tried the next best thing: Beef, veal, olive & chilli sausage roll. The meat was really moist inside but not enough for the juices to soak through the pastry. You could see the carrots and vegetables in the mince and I felt slightly better in eating the sausage roll after slugging out 6kms on the treadmill. I thought I could taste something sweet and when I looked inside I thought it was raisins and I had got the wrong sausage roll. Upon closer inspection it was the green olive, funny it gave a sweet taste.

Beef, veal, chilli & olive sausage roll $4.50

Mr Dough had the beef brisket, mushroom and red wine pie. Chunks of beef brisket was smothered in gravy with mushroom slices swimming in between. Upon finishing the pastry for Mr Dough (he has a tendency not to eat the edge of pastries and pizza crust…it’s the best bit!), I vow to get a copy of the Bourke St Bakery cookbook and try replicating their recipe.

Beef brisket, mushroom and red wine pie $5.60

Throughout the whole time we were eating, there were hoards of people lining up to buy breads and pastries, I even spotted Justin North buying bread with his kiddies in tow. I wanted to part with a chocolate ganache tart for afternoon tea but my conscience got the better of me not wanting the effort at the gym to go to waste.

With Central Baking Depot located in Neutral Bay, it looks like satisfying my sausage roll cravings is just that much easier.

Central Baking Depot
Shop 7 / 19 – 25 Grosvenor St
(Located on the cnr of Young and Grosvenor Lanes)
Tel: 02 9953 5555

Monday – Friday: 7am – 5pm
Saturday – Sunday: 8am – 5pm


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