Toan Thang, Flemington

17 Jul

I have been going to this little eatery in the laneway of Flemington shops since I was a uni student. Being a uni student on a budget, this place was cheap and the servings was huge! I always had to eat half and take half away. 10 years on and I still go to Toan Thang for my pho fix because Pho An is just too far away!

It’s 12:30pm on a busy Sunday and the queues are out the door and past the BBQ restaurant next door. Don’t be fooled by the long queues as they have a pretty slick operation and it moves quite quickly with the asian ladies barking out seat availability. Just a warning, be prepared to share a table with other patrons.

Their menus are displayed along the two walls in chinese and english with big pictures of what’s on offer. They offer Vietnamese noodle staples such as beef and chicken noodle soup, dried vermicelli, pork chop rice and many more.

Even though it’s a cold winter’s day, I ordered the pork chop vermicelli. It is essentially a noodle salad with bean sprouts, pickled carrots, shredded lettuce,chopped coriander with peanuts served with a dipping sauce consisting of fish sauce and lime juice. The crunchiness of the bean sprouts provides great texture against the soft vermicelli noodles. Their servings of pork is generous and even though I prefer the traditional char grilled pork, this deep-fried version is just as tasty.

Pork chop with dried vermicelli $9.00

The ox tripe and beef noodle soup is rich in beef flavour and slices of raw beef are layered on top of the noodles. I sometimes find some restaurants with their soup base is slightly sweet, Toan Thang does not have that issue.

Ox tripe and beef noodle soup $8.50

Pho accompaniment

I am a sucker for spring rolls especially the Vietnamese ones which has wood ear mushrooms in them to provide the extra crunch.

Spring rolls $6.00

And of course, a refreshing drink to slurp it all down. Great way to get the fizzy taste without all the calories in a canned soft drink!

Iced soda lemon $3.00

Prices here have only gone up by $1 since I first went here, this place really offers value for money.

Toan Thang
9/90-95 The Crescent, Homebush NSW
Monday -Sunday 9am to 8pm


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