Allpress Espresso Roastery Cafe, Zetland

1 Aug

Located in the middle of factories and warehouses in Zetland is Allpress Espresso, an espresso coffee with a cult following here in Sydney. The coffee which started in New Zealand by Michael Allpress, a former chef who operated coffee carts all around Auckland University and Victoria Park market. So what is it that gives this cup of coffee its unique flavour? It’s the way the beans are roasted through its hot air roasting technique which suspends the beans in a stream of hot air, which means temperature is controlled throughout the whole process and the beans are roasted evenly. But enough about the coffee, my visit here this morning was about the food. I first heard about Allpress Roastery Cafe through a friend who stops by here on the way to work a fair few times a week which is a big effort considering it is not his most direct route to work. The warehouse itself has the roastery cafe at the front and it looks out to the production area at the back to see how the coffee is roasted and packed for distribution to cafes and restaurants. Given the location and the hours of operation, by the time Mr Dough and I get our act together on a Saturday morning, it is too late to head our way there. This morning we dropped Mr Dough’s parents off to the airport for their nth trip to visit Mr Dough’s sister in Japan and we made our way to the cafe. It was 8:30am and the cafe was already half full with people lining up for their morning coffees.

Cappuccino $3.40

Caffe Latte $3.40

Their menu consists of breakfast items, various sandwiches and paninis and light meals. We were told by my friend to try the Green Goddess and upon ordering, we were informed by the waitress it was too early and the kitchen may not have finished prepping so only breakfast items were available. To our suprise, when our orders came out, so did the Green Goddess!  Slices of Jamon and poached egg with basil mayo in between toasted ciabatta. Bite upon bite, egg yolk would run down into the bread which operated like a sponge and soaking up the yellow goey mess.

Jamon Egg Green Goddess $8.00

Inside the Green Goddess

I debated whether to order soft-boiled eggs & soldiers or the breakfast mixed plate and breakfast mixed plate won. The breakfast plate came with a choice of provolone or ricotta cheese. I shouldn’t have added the jamon as the breakfast plate serving was generous on its own. I then got food envy when the table next to me ordered the soft-boiled eggs & soldiers with a side of Vegemite (genius!).

Breakfast plate with a side of Jamon $11.00

We spent a good hour and half in there, lazying around, reading the paper, forgetting the hustle and bustle of the store. Overall this cafe provides real good value for money as often these days there are places who charge up to $18 for bacon, eggs and toast. I really wish they could open one closer to my side of the bridge so I can make it my regular saturday morning stop by, in the meantime I would just have to get my act together more often.

Allpress Roastery Cafe

58 Epsom Road

Zetland, Sydney NSW 2017

Monday – Friday 7:00am – 3:00pm

Saturday 8:00am – 2:00pm


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