Naked for Satan, Melbourne

7 Sep

Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not x-rated, it’s not religious, it’s a pintxos bar. Pin what you say? Pincho in Spanish translates to spike, Pinxto is the name for certain type of snacks eaten in bars, traditional in northern part of Spain and especially popular in the Basque country. These are not to be confused with tapas, as the pinchos are spiked to a piece of bread. They are served individually on a tray on the bar and are paid for separately to drinks.

Situated on the lower end of Brunswick street, Naked for Satan provides a very good place for a drink and a snack in between all the shopping. So why the name Naked for Satan? Started back in 1928 where a Russian migrant called Satanovich worked as a caretaker in Brunswick st, with his name being too long, people shortened it to Satan. During the Depression where alcohol was hard to come by, Satan utilised the basement space where he was a caretaker and distilled vodka. In the summer time when temperatures was rising, Satan would distill vodka close to naked except for underwear. Those who knew of the going ons, used the code Let’s get Naked for Satan to go and sit back and join Satan in the basement for a drink.

As soon as you walk in Naked for Satan, in the middle of the bar is situated a large distillery pot and along the bar was at least 10 different types of their own infused vodka with flavours such as chilli, cherry ripe, melon, you name it, they have it.

Giant distillery

Lots and lots of vodka

I was feeling abit adventurous and tried a drink called Kalimotxo (“Kalimocho”) which is a Spanish mixture of red wine & cola. Mr Dough had Naked for Satan’s version of Gin and Tonic. The Kalimotxo was surprisingly good, it tasted like sangria but minus the fruit. I think I need to experiment this drink at home.

Notice the rude drink menus?

Drink menu

And again...hee hee

And now for the main act……pintxos!

Bargin snack

Assorted pintxos - $2 each

How it works is, you grab a plate and pick whatever you choose, save your toothpick in the little plastic shot glasses on your table and bring your toothpicks to the bar and pay.

Scallop, pea and cherry tomato

And more...

I kind of went overboard as it was 3pm and it had been 6hrs since breakfast. This was the prime example of not to shop/order on an empty stomach! And no…this wasn’t all for me, I shared with Mr Dough!

Clockwise from top: tuna, pickle & anchovy; goat cheese, pesto; scallop, pea & cheery tomato; tortilla & aioli; chorizo, cream cheese & chilli; smoked chilli mussel and chickpea

We quickly devoured them and I ventured to the other side of the pintxo bar to see what was on offer. They had a few antipasti such as olive and anchovy and a sweet option of blueberry cannoli.

My second plate: Clockwise from the top: eggplant chip, blue cheese & honey; rice ball, cream cheese and quince paste; pumpkin puree with field mushroom; cauliflower & manouri cheese, garlic prawn;

As we were eating our pintxos, wait staff would come around offering freshly cooked assorted croquettes, meat balls etc.

Beef and olive croquette

I was full and ready for a siesta. Don’t the Spanish have everything all worked out?

Naked For Satan
285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC
Phone: (03) 9416 2238




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