Oiden, Sydney

18 Sep

We did a double take when we first entered the shopping centre for Menya Mappen and discovered that right next door a new do it yourself rice bowl bar had opened. Originally we thought it was an imposter restaurant trying to copy Menya Mappen but later discovered Oiden is brought to you by the guys next door. You pick from the options of yakitori, beef, curry or tuna rice bowls and pick up other kushikatsu (skewered meat, breaded and deep-fried) items to accompany your meal. Just like Menya Mappen, it is all self-service.

Right next door to Menya Mappen

Various rice bowls on offer


Assembly of the rice bowl

Needing two hands to stir the curry pot

Special dishes of the day

My ultimate fav: half boiled egg


Last stop for kimchi, cold tofu, potato salad

Free shallots

When they first gave us the tuna tataki, it looked unappetising and we thought the tuna may not be fresh. Upon eating it we discovered that looks can be deceiving. The colour of the tuna was pale pink rather than vibrant pink due to the fine mincing of the tuna. The tuna had bursts of citrus and mixed with the half boiled egg, it added  creaminess to the rice.

Ontama Tuna Tataki Bowl (L) - $9.50 with ebi & asparagus fry - $4.70

Goey egg heaven

My japanese curry was surprisingly spicy. The serving of curry was generous and I used the extra sauce  to mop up my kushikatsu eggplant.

Ontama curry rice (M) - $4.90

Pork sausage fry - $2.20; Eggplant fry - $1.50

This place will be my new favourite cheap eat with the bill for two people fed and watered with change from $25.


Shop 12, 537-551 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
TEL : 02 9283 5525
11:30am~10:00pm 7days


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