Ippudo Ramen – Hong Kong

30 Oct

The lack of posts in the last month is from travelling to Bali, Hong Kong and Beijing in the past month for friend’s weddings and hens trip. I’m back and boy do I have alot of posts to share with everyone. I’m hooked on Ippudo Ramen from my travels to Japan and with a Hong Kong branch recently opened, I had to go and get my Ippudo fix. What is so special about Ippudo ramen? Ippudo ramen is Fukuoka style with the ramen broth created by an elaborate cooking process with different parts of porkbones, giving it a rich and creamy flavour.  The use of red and white miso in their soup base as well as allowing the customer to customise the thickness of their noodles, differentiates themselves to other ramen chains.

Opened in July of this year, Ippudo Hong Kong brings their signature ramen as well as popular menu items from their branches around the globe. This was supposed to be a snack as we were waiting for Mr Dough’s dad for a late lunch.

Shop front

Ticket number??

Ippudo HK menu

Ippudo HK napkins

I wanted to try so many items on the menu but I had to keep on reminding myself this was supposed to be a snack. The Ippudo BBQ pork buns are a signature item from New York and selected Ippudo branches in Japan. The hand sized steamed bun is soft, silky and wedged in between are slices of BBQ pork belly, lettuce, mustard and mayo.

Ippudo BBQ Pork Bun - $28HKD

Tasty morsels

Hakata-style ultra-thin noodles, topped with lean slices of pork, black fungus, soybean sprouts and shallots in creamy pork soup. The soup is awfully addictive and I was slurping down the soup like a true Japanese businessman. I found the servings in Hong Kong was substantially smaller than the ones I have had in Japan.

Shiromaru Motoaji - $68HKD

Thin, springy noodles

Hoards of hungry lunch time workers

They have an extended menu for dinner which includes cuttlefish carpaccio, hakata style rice and Okinawa style donuts with miso ice-cream.

 Ippudo Ramen – Hong Kong (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Shop No. 20,Silvercord Tower,
2nd Floor,
30 Canton Road
P: +852 2957 8893

11:30am to 11:00pm (Monday to Sunday)


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