District Dining, Surry Hills

28 Nov

I love going to District Dining, especially with a group of friends as the menus are designed to be shared and I love having a taste of a bit of everything. This is my second time visiting District Dining and this time I am dining with Mr Dough for my birthday.

To kick-start the celebrations – a birthday cocktail!

Limited edition San Pellegrino (Bvlgari), Green Apple Mojito - $17

We thought we would take our time in eating our meal so we just ordered some starters to begin with. I’ve had the crispy quails eggs before and love the perfectly crumbed quail eggs with tarragon mayonnaise. I don’t know why but I can’t stand the smell/taste of dried tarragon but love it when it’s fresh. Upon biting it, the semi runny yolk oozes out.

Crispy quails eggs, tarragon mayonnaise - $14

The crispy pigs ears were a little tough but never less they serve as a really good beer snack! The Szechuan salt makes it awfully addictive and time and time again the waiter asks if we were done with it and I was very reluctant to let it go.

Crispy pigs ears, Szechuan salt - $10

My newly discovered food for 2011 is quinoa (pronounced keen-wah). I regard it as the super food of the year as it is high in protein, iron and dietary fibre and the best thing of all is that it is gluten-free. I love eating it in salads or even just by itself as it has a chewy, grain like texture and it is not gluggy like. The kingfish was layed serenely on top of the quinoa and you had to scoop the whole thing up to eat. The wasabi pannacotta gave that extra kick, whilst the hint of ponzu brings me back to the various izakaya’s in Japan.

Kingfish, wasabi pannacotta, quinoa, ponzu - $19

By this stage we wanted to order the spatchcock as that has been a favourite of ours but we wanted to try dessert tonight as it was my birthday and Mr Dough thought he could align his stomach to mine’s tonight. We settled on steak tartare instead. The steak tartare came pre-mixed in a cute, oval shape with a generous serving of fries. The amount of seasoning was perfect and there was a balance of flavours and no over powering acidity coming from the capers and the cornichons.

Steak tartare, aioli, french fries, sourdough - $20

My favourite of the night….dessert!!! It’s not often we get to eat dessert when we eat out as Mr Dough is more of a savoury man! But seeing it was my birthday, he saved space for me. I chose something which was not overly sweet and rich so Mr Dough would enjoy it too. This is a decadent version of strawberries and cream. The sourness of the raspberry sorbet cuts through the sweetness of the meringue. The serving size was so generous, I was afraid we couldn’t finish the 2nd dessert.

Meringue, strawberries and cream, raspberry sorbet - $14

The chocolate mousse came out looking like a Billy Law from Masterchef’s dessert when he did the office catering challenge. The mousse was looking rich and sweet but it was surprisingly light. I enjoyed the hazelnut crumble as it reminded me of baked cheesecake base. I tried to hide the thought of how much calories I had consummed in dessert.

Chocolate mousse, hazelnut brittle ice cream, hazelnut crumble - $14

We took our time eating dinner and being a school night, we were one of the last ones to leave the restaurant and that was at 10:30pm. I love coming here time and time again as I am never short of choices to choose from. And better yet, it gives me an excuse to ask heaps of friends for lunch/dinner catch ups…all in the name of sharing food.


District Dining

17 Randle Street

Sydney, NSW 2010

P: 02 9211 7798

H: Monday Dinner 6 – 11pm
Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday & Saturday
Lunch 12 – 3pm & Dinner 6 – 11pm
Friday, open all day 12 – 11pm
Sunday long lunch 12 – 5pm



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