T&K Seafood Restaurant, Bangkok

2 Feb

After spending 2 weeks during the Christmas/New Year break in Hong Kong for my friend’s wedding, I was eager to go for a quick getaway somewhere warm. Thailand is less than 3 hour flight from Hong Kong and the price of an air ticket is less than a Sydney-Melbourne return!! Mr Dough had caught wind that shark fin was cheap there and my friend had told me about cheap bird’s nest. Armed with a fobby guide-book, we picked out a restaurant in Chinatown to show our hotel staff to order us a taxi there. The taxi driver wasn’t sure of the exact location but we told him to drop us on the main strip and we will find it ourselves.

We found the restaurant but didn’t find anyone dining in it. I told Mr Dough maybe we should keep on walking and find another place to eat as judging by the lack of activity in the place. We walked further along the main strip and I was just taking in all the street stalls set up on the side selling various things like pomegranate juice, chicken rice, freshly cut fruit, assorted skewers, Thai sweets and noodles etc.

Street vendors everywhere

Al fresco dining has a new meaning

Half way down the strip we were greeted with scores of tables spilling out onto the road and people in bright green t-shirts, waving us into their restaurant. We stopped and looked at the menu and we thought if there are that many people at this place, it must be good. Big BBQ stations were outside the restaurant, cooking the fresh seafood which was packed in ice, displayed outside the restaurant.

BBQ stations

Pick your own seafood

We wanted to sit outside to in the midst of the action but we were ushered into the restaurant. There, the feast began.

Just in case you think Thai food isn't spicy enough

When in Thailand....drink as Thai do?


Mr Dough got greedy and ordered a large since it was worked out only to be about $15 AUD which is a bargain! The soup comes with a plate of coriander and shallots, where you can season to your liking.

Shark fin soup

I couldn’t get over how cheap this dish was all over Thailand. It costs the same price as I would buy it from the markets here.

Morning glory with chillies

This is the most memorable dish on the trip. The fresh flavours of lemon and garlic really brought out the sweetness of the squid. The dish was really spicy but yet so addictive and refreshing.

Steamed squid in lemon, chilli and garlic

We saw the cooks BBQing them as we were walking in. The prawns were the size of my palm! What I loved about the big prawns was the roe in the prawn head. Simply just grilled, the prawn was tender and moist from the juices in the shell it was grilled in.

BBQ grilled prawns

The BBQ cockles were nothing of spectacular but it’s definitely something you can’t get in Sydney. I was slightly worried them not being cooked open.

BBQ cockles

Last but not least, bird’s nest. This was nice and refreshing at the end of the meal and the best thing of all this was less than $5 AUD.

Chilled bird's nest with coconut milk

The whole meal costed less than $50AUD including drinks. Now where can you get that in Sydney?

T & K Seafood
49-51 Soi Phadung Dao, Yaowarat Rd, Bangkok 10100

Open from 4:30pm to 2am Tel. 01 507 5555


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