Sparrow Gelato and Espresso, Crows Nest

18 Feb

There is an abundance of cafes in Crows Nest and the latest addition to the neighbourhood is Sparrow Gelato and Espresso. Their cafe is furnished with a rustic appeal to it with wooden furniture and walls and cabinets. Their specialty is their unique gelato flavours such as gin and tonic, pear and rhubarb and coconut pandan just to name a few.

Very cool lamp shades

Sweets cabinet with macaroons, waffles and tarts

Today, I am here for their all day breakfast on the weekend. Their breakfast menu mainly consists of your staple of egg Benedict, house made granola with yoghurt with a few lunch options of soup/pasta of the day, open sandwiches and salads. They source their produce from South Australia with their ham, roast wagyu beef and bacon from Barossa and their bread is local Sydney favourite Sonoma.

Lemon butter asparagus - poached eggs, prosciutto with sourdough - $13.50

The lemon butter on the asparagus gives it a nice tang which helps cuts through the richness of the poached eggs with hollandaise sauce.

House-made baked beans with chorizo and poached egg (with a side of hash brown)- $16.50

I normally don’t order baked beans at cafes as I find the beans are too bland or over cooked. However, at Sparrow their house made baked beans were seasoned perfectly with the tomato sauce drowning the beans was not too tart. I broke up the egg to let the egg yolk run into the beans, dipping my toast to soak up all the goodness.

Soup of the day: broccoli - $9.50

I prefer my soup to be boiling hot but this came warm. I could tell the soup was made fresh as there was broccoli pieces blended in the soup. The sour cream as a spider web was a really nice touch.

Eggs Benedict with ham - $13.50

When this came out, I was surprised the ham came out the way it did as most places have shreds of ham not a slice of a soccerball! I am used to the poached eggs sitting neatly in the centre of the English muffins and I had to peek underneath the ham to check where the toast was.

Scrambled eggs with spinach - $10.50

The scrambled eggs were nice, creamy and the serving size was generous.

I can’t wait to stop by at night to try out their waffles and gelato for a cheeky dessert fix.


Sparrow Gelato and Espresso

Shop 2, 59 Willoughby Rd

Crows Nest, NSW 2065

T: 02 9437 5090

Mon to Sun 7:30am – 10pm




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