Hana Ju-Rin, Crows Nest

19 Apr

Everyone has a local they go to, whether it be Thai, Pub, Chinese or Fish n Chip joint. In my case, I have a local Japanese joint I go to for my sushi and sashimi fix. Hana-Jurin is an offshoot of its sister restaurant Ju-Rin a few shops up the road. What I love about this place is the fact they have a separate dining area downstairs where there is traditional seating by sitting on the floor. Makes a great space to have large groups of people, where we can make as much noise as we can and no one can hear us.

I visit this place at least once a month and there was a time where I was there weekly!

Hana-Jurin specialises in teppan as opposed to Ju-Rin which does a lot of Izakaya type food.

Hana-Jurin offers the most fresh sashimi and when its toro season, it’s unbelievable!!! They get their fish daily and as such they often have different types of sashimi on offer such as Bar cod, Imperador, Yellow tail, Alfonsino and of course your staples of kingfish, salmon and tuna. If there is also something you like in particular, you can request them to make sashimi to suit your tastes.

Assorted sashimi

Their Japanese take on Western styled favourites such as the Caesar salad with adding wasabi into the dressing, creates a strong kick. I prefer this kind of Caesar salad as the dressing is not smothered all over the lettuce.

Caeser salad with wasabi mayo - $13.50

Aside from their usual menu, they have a blackboard listed with daily specials. Tonight there is deep-fried white bait. I prefer the bigger, slightly grown up version of the white bait as I think it provides more texture and meat, rather than the little ones you would eat in fritters. This dish is perfect accompanied with sake or a nice cold glass of beer.

Deep fried white bait

We were sitting at the sushi counter and was being a bit of a sticky beak and peered at what was being made especially for the table next door. The sushi chef offered a few pieces for us to try. I normally don’t eat eel but since it wasn’t on the menu, I won’t say no in trying new things. The sweetness of the egg and the texture of creamy omelette and unagi, it was a pleasant surprise.

Tamagoyaki with marinated eel

Their wagyu steak is cooked on their teppan grill which is abit pf a spectacle in itself. You can sit along the counter, watching the chef cook yaki soba and construct the layers of  okonomiyaki. Make no mistake, this is not one of those Teppanyaki restaurants where the chef would perform a show and throw an egg at you. This is the traditional way of Japanese teppan. The steak has perfect marbling and melts in your mouth.

Wagyu steak - $34.80


So tell me what’s your local favourite haunt and how often do you go?


Hana-Jurin Japanese Restaurant

Shop 1/300 Pacific Highway

Crows Nest NSW2065

+612 9966 5833





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