Crave Sydney International Food Festival (Barbeque Madness), Pyrmont

6 Oct

Every October, foodies unite to celebrate Crave Sydney Food Festival. Over the past 2 years, I haven’t been able to attend as many events as I would have liked due to attending various weddings overseas.

I bidded Mr Dough farewell last night as he makes his way first overseas for a bucks trip. I am left with tv marathons of series I haven’t had the time yet to catch up on plus it also means I most definitely would be able to make the Growers Market at an early hour to catch the very first pick of the fresh produce available.

Today is a special event at the markets as it is all about the good old Aussie barbeque. Chefs such as Kylie Kwong, Martin Boetz and Stevie Hodges are partnered up with recurring stall holders selling produce like salt bush lamb and Kinkawooka mussels for a barbeque cookoff.

Despite being a grey, rainy day, crowds are drawn to witness the flurry of chefs trying to push out the orders as fast as they come in.


This little piggy went to the market


And so the queue begins!


Kylie trying to keep up with the orders coming in


Clothing line with pegs for the orders


Kylie Kwong’s (Billy Kwong) dish: Steamed savoury pancakes with spit-roasted pastured pork, Davidson’s plum sauce, Warrigal greens, cucumber, Sichuan pepper salt – $10


Phil Wood’s (Rockpool) dish: Barbecued confit lamb breast tossed in Korean hot bean sauce on a crusty roll with cucumber and Shitake pickle – $10


Oh so tender, juicy pieces of lamb

I felt abit greedy ordering one of each knowingly that it was all for me! This is where Mr Dough comes in handy and enables me to take a bite of everything and he demolishes the rest. Kylie’s dish was not as flavoursome as I would like. I think because I was anticipating the punchy flavours you would get from a Peking duck pancake. The pork was really tender but I thought it lacked some seasoning itself. Normally the sauce would make up for it but I thought the plum sauce didn’t quite pair well with the pancake and the pork, some sort of hoisin/chilli sauce would of been better. I only made it through 1/3 when I decided that I wasn’t enjoying it enough to continue and sacrifice my limited stomach space.

Phil’s lamb dish however was the best! Paired with fresh bean sprouts and coriander, it helped cut through the richness of the lamb. My mind was racing  in trying to figure out where I can replicate the cucumber and Shitake pickle so I can incorporate in summer salads and noodle dishes at home. Needless to say I ate the whole thing!!
(Note to self: no lunch for me)

I walked around, checking out other stalls on offer and trying to expend as much energy as possible to counteract my greediness!


Steve Hodge and Kinkawooka Mussels


Martin Boetz (Longrain) and Mirool Creek Lamb


Pepe Saya Butter and Spring Hill Beef steak sandwiches


Had to go back to see more of the pork action


Brillian Food Seafood Chowder (wanted to try this so badly!)

There are more events on offer for Crave Sydney International Food Festival which would suit the most fussiest eater! Forget the diet this month and enjoy!!!

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One Response to “Crave Sydney International Food Festival (Barbeque Madness), Pyrmont”

  1. Excuse Me Waiter October 24, 2012 at 10:03 pm #

    Ohh this BBQ event was one I didn’t know about! The lamb looks amazing.

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